Lattoflex Air Climafresh Excel Dual Mattress

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The Climafresh Excel Mattress offers proper support and excellent comfort for each body type, alleviating pressure in your body while you sleep.


The Excel Mattress offers exceptional support customised according to the body weight and size.


Different quilting layers:                                                            A first layer made of the new Hypersoft Sense material that offers a plush cradling feeling and allows for maximum breathability. Two functional advantages this mattress has.                                                                                                                       A second layer, Clima Sense Air, promotes ventilation.                                             Bellow, a reinforcing layer of 3D mesh fabric, which creates gaps and allows air to flow, cradling you to sleep and improving ventilation on throughout the quilting layers.                                                                                                                             The fourth layer is made of the special material Climafresh Progress, a technical foaming that creates a balance between cradling and support.            And finally, a layer made of the viscoelastic material ClimaSense that allows for progressive comfort. It enables the mattress to support you as you sink into each of the layers.


It contains smart technology Total AirFeel which, along with the air channels of the mattress, allows for breathability and ventilation.

Special design

We could perfectly say this mattress offers unparalleled progressive comfort, it creates a perfect balance between cradling, thanks to its quilting layers, and support.                                     

Motion isolation

Because of its formulation, this material delivers above-average motion isolation, allowing for each side of the bed to be independently customised.

Protector / Cover

Dry Cool is a fabric used in the outer cover of the mattress, resistant to moisture and quick-drying, to actively prevent the growth of micro-organisms, for optimal hygiene.


One-sided mattress.

Specialized store

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Progressive Comfort System

With the Progressive Comfort System technology the different layers are placed from soft to firm to ensure you slowly sink into the mattress, creating a perfect balance between cradling and support. It keeps your spine in its natural position and minimizes pressure on your body.

Dual Balance

You can combine two different support levels in one bed: Medium and Firm. With the Dual system, you have two different support levels into one mattress and each side feels and performs differently to suit the needs of both sleepers.

Dry & Cool

Dry Cool is a fabric used in the outer cover of the mattress. The first fabric designed to prevent moisture from entering the body of the mattress, to maintain a super-hygienic bed.

Total Airfeel

Technology used in the quilting layers to dissipate the heat from your body, through its excellent ventilation system.

ClimaSense Air

This technology stands out for good breathability. It helps to disperse the heat, and envelopes your body in soft, cuddling support for superior comfort.

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