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The Comfort Pillow has the traditional rectangular shape, very versatile. It is highly adjustable: easy to conform to your needs. It is encased in a TEMPUR sleeve filled with TEMPUR conforming micro-cushions that mould to the shape of your neck and your head, for perfect support.


Pillow core features Tempur-Material micro-cushions for a softer initial feel, to cradle the sleeper's head and neck.


This pillow provides MEDIUM support.

Outer cover

The outer cover is made of polyester/elastane material.

Laundry Care Instructions

Outer cover is removable and washable, to keep it clean and fresh.                                                                         Pillow core is NOT washable.

Specialized store

Do you need more information about this product? Visit your nearest bed’s and our rest specialist will be happy to advise you.


At bed’s we only offer you top brand rest products, guaranteeing the quality of the materials used and the final product.


TEMPUR Material is engineered with an open-cell structure that spreads body weight evenly and eliminates virtually all pressure points, moulding to the contours of your body, distributing weight and pressure evenly over the entire contact area, for unparalleled comfort and pressure relief.

TEMPUR material was designed to responds to your body's temperature, it gets softer with heat. Besides, it yields to your weight and eliminates virtually all pressure points spreading body weight evenly. This material adapts to all sleeping positions.

It is this balance of outstanding comfort and superior support that has earned Tempur a number 1 ranking for overall customer satisfaction and overall quality of sleep.

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