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The Emporio Mattress by Bultex features Bultex Nanotech Soft and Comfort technology, that together with the new 5Zonetech technology, makes your mattress more adjustable. Its Airgel layer regulates the temperature of the mattress, regulating its peaks while you sleep.


The core features two different layers:                                 -Bultex Nanotech Soft allows the body to gently sink into the mattress.                                                                           -Bultex Nanotech Comfort adapts to the contours of the sleeper’s body.


The new 5Zonetech technology adapts to the unique body shape of the sleeper and provides custom support, thanks to its 5-zone comfort system.                  The Airgel layer is made of a gel-infused material with alveolus-shaped panels, highly permeable to air, highly dense and ultra soft. It also offers a nice, balanced feel, regulates temperature and does not cause allergic reactions.

Protector / Cover

The Stretch Double Jersey protector provides extra comfort, enhances breathability and has a super soft feel.                                                                              Fitted sheet-style protector gives the mattress a perfect aesthetic, encasing the mattress to protect it.


One-sided mattress.                                                                     Not flippable.

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Bultex Nanotech

Bultex is the most advanced memory foam on the market. A honeycomb shaped structure delivers a progressive response, motion separation and more airflow through the mattress.

Nanotech is a technological advancement, a more evolved version that enhances the best of Bultex, with a new nano-particle structure to turn it more lightweight and resistant, that boosts hygiene. It is frequently combined with denser layers.

Greater comfort, better sleep, more durability, more ventilation and moisture evaporation.

5 Zone Tech

Special technology designed to divide the mattress into 5 comfort zones for a perfect night's sleep. The surface is quilted to add thickness and softness to the comfort layer. 5 Zone Tech technology adapts to the unique body shape of the sleeper and responds to your movements while you sleep.

Super soft

Supersoft: High-density cellular material that provides soft support and moulds to fit the shape of the body, providing full body support without adding heat, and adapting to the body's natural movement during sleep.

Double Jersey

Double Jersey is a heavier fabric of two single jerseys knitted together to provide better comfort and enhance airflow. It has a super soft feel and a delightful finish.

Barrera total

Total Barrier is a protection and hygiene function, that effectively prevents dust mites, bacteria and fungi that accumulate inside the mattress over time. It is Bultex's unique technology, infused in to the mattress to protect all the internal components, thus creating an allergy-free sleep space.

It provides 360 protection since it has been used within all the components of the mattress, from the core to the quilting layer, to create a protective barrier against micro-organisms.

Moreover, it is a permanent treatment that will not wear out because its unique formulation has been infused within the components, so it will be active the entire useful life of the mattress.


This material contains gel beads, producing extra refreshing comfort while providing additional breathability, temperature regulation, freshness and resistance.

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