We're a Team

We're a Team

We're a Team


The first thing we will do to help you is:

Introducing you to the company and its organization and departments, finding a retail space that suits your needs, and preparing an investment plan and funding proposal for your building works.

Building works:

We will work together to launch your business and we will provide you with support and advise:

From the project planning and processing of licenses, to the construction execution, store decoration, furniture choice... all without delay, so that your business is ready as soon as possible.

Legal Advice:

You will receive all the professional legal support for the development, establishment and expansion of your business:

We will recommend you the most suitable and advantageous business structure, respond to the challenges that may come up commercially, and guide you through everything related to your retail space lease.

Local Marketing:

We will develop and manage your store's opening campaign, as well as all the marketings actions we decide to carry out throughout the year to energize and increase your sales.

We will negotiate with local media on your behalf to optimize costs, getting press coverage for your local business, permanently finding the best price-quality relationship to execute and perform future actions.


Our primary goal is the sales proposition effectively reaches as many potential customers as possible:

We will run clever advertising campaigns to drive foot traffic to your store, using social media effectively to interact with customers. We will likewise manage databases and implement relationship marketing strategies to increase customer loyalty.


We are expert in selecting successful retail employees to sell product and serve customers:

We will advise you and explain you which the legal responsibility is when hiring staff, and we will teach you how to manage your sales team, optimizing resources.


We will prepare a tailor-made Training Plan including everything you need to know to keep your business running smoothly:

From business skills for an excellent customer service, to coaching and management techniques to build a high-performance team.

Financial Advice:

Our department will help you optimize your financial resources to increase profitability:

Providing a business diagnostic service that will help us offer you custom action plans to maximize your business profit.