Franchise FAQs

Franchise FAQs

1. Although I have run other businesses, I have no experience in managing physical retail environments. Does bed's give me any type of advice in this regard?

Being a bed's franchisee, you will have the permanent support of an Area Representative who will advise you on everything you may need, such as stock and cash management or sales. Besides, your Area Representative will visit you periodically to keep you informed of the market indicators that are key for your business.

2. How can I know whether a bed's store will be profitable in the area I'm interested in?

Bed's stores Expansion Department along with the potential franchisee will conduct a study of the area to determine the project feasibility. Expansion Department can help you find facilities too and negotiate the terms and conditions to be acquired as well, where necessary.

3. What expertise can a franchise like bed's provide me with?

Bed's stores is the sleep industry-leading franchise with over 200 stores across Spain. Our expertise covers all areas: sales insight shown by teams that accompany franchisees in their day to day, marketing and communication know-how as well as legal, human resources, building, expansion, financial, and product services.

4. Can I sell the bedding products that I want in my bed's store?

You decide which products to have and sell in your store, as long as these are within the list of authorized brands.

5. Can I carry out local marketing actions?

Of course you can. There is a whole Marketing and Communication Department at your disposal to advise you and suggest you suitable marketing actions according to the location and objectives of your store.

6. What is the advertising budget invested on?

To ensure a cohesive franchise identity, bed's has an Advertising Department responsible for managing the advertising budget and investing it on different advertising and promotional campaigns, in any format. By doing so, Bed's has managed to become the most notorious brand in our sector.

7. If I open a bed's store, could another store open in the same town?

While the contract is in force, bed's grant to the franchisee the right, enjoining new franchisees from engaging in the business at any other location within the same area of influence. This way, you ensure the area's customer coverage.

8. I don't know many legal aspects required to have a retail space. Will bed's give me any kind of support for these issues?

Bed's Legal Department will serve your interests and will advise you on everything related to any type of contract and other legal aspects needed for your store.

9. I need employees to provide customer service in my store…

Our Human Resources Department is here to help you and advise you throughout the process, from advertising a job offer to interviewing the applicants.