Tencel® Quilted Mattress Protector Hyper-Breathable

Tencel® Quilted Mattress Protector Hyper-Breathable

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Tencel® Quilted Mattress Protector Hyper-Breathable

Made with Tencel, highly absorbent and ultra-breathable, this mattress protector provides a soft and sweat-free night's sleep. Ideal for sleepers who have sensitive skin because of its absorbency and extra softness.

Total height: 32 cm
Waterproof: Yes
Thermoregulator: No
  • Tencel

    This protector is topped with 100% Lyocell Tencel knit fabric, weight 100g/m2. Lined with plush-like 100% polyester microfibre fabric. It is quilted with down-feel Ecolofil hollow siliconised fibre, 100% polyester, 160 g/m2. Adjustable skirt: 100% polyester knitted.

  • Tencel fibre exhibits a smooth plain surface area, giving fabrics a soft feel, much softer than cotton, ensuring comfort for sensitive skin.

  • Adaptability

    The elastic and adjustable skirt of this protector stretches to fit mattresses up to 32 cm deep and 200 cm long.

  • Transpirability

    Tencel fabrics conducts moisture away from the body, thus keeps a dry, aerated sleeping surface, beneficial for your skin. It absorbs 50% of moisture vapour,cotton absorbs less. The fabric is fully breathable, preventing heat retention during sleep. Besides, as it doesn't encase the mattress, its design allows optimum airflow through the mattress.

  • Washable

    This protector is machine washable at 40°C, maintains breathability and absorbency.

  • Composition

    Tencel fibre is a natural and sustainable material, made from wood cellulose or pulp gotten from trees like Eucalyptus, which behaves like a second-skin. It absorbs the moisture generated from the temperature fluctuations within the bed and traps it in before it reaches the skin, to release moisture back into the environment. This fabric is specially recommended for people with heavy sweating.

  • Design

    ts diamond-stitched construction with multiple pockets ensures the fibre is evenly distributed, to prevent the inside material from shifting around.

  • Financing

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