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Due to the special features of this model, we believe that the most appropriate thing for you is that you lie down on it to appreciate its nuances and confirm that it adapts perfectly to you. Find here your nearest bed's store.

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Kepler Premium Mattress

The Kepler Premium mattress perfectly combines its technical foam core with an elastic visco layer, in such a way that it provides exceptional comfort and welcome.

Main benefits
  • Core

    The core of this mattress is made of a highly resilient Climafresh technical foam material that adapts to the body of the sleeper while sleeping, then regaining its original shape without suffering premature collapse. It also offers personalized support to each sleeper depending on their complexion.

  • Adaptability

    Apart from its core, the adaptability in this mattress is achieved through its multiple layers of padding: in the first layer, closest to the core, there is a high-density viscoelastic layer that stands out for its progressive adaptability. The next layer, Climasense Air, is a reticular visco material that stands out for its great reception and for promoting ventilation. This is followed by another layer of Climasense Air to offer even more comfort. And finally there is Nimbus Pur, a supersoft foam that welcomes the body with an extraordinary softness.

  • Ventilation

    This mattress is equipped with Total Airfeel technology that guarantees maximum ventilation of the padding.

  • Firmness

    This mattress is customizable as it offers the option of choosing different levels of firmness in the same mattress. You can choose a different firmness for each of the beds, high firmness and medium firmness.

  • Special Design

    In this mattress we can speak of the existence of a progressive comfort, which is achieved with the combination of adequate support for each sleeper and the great reception provided by its layers of padding.

  • Motion Isolation

    In this mattress model, you can choose the type of support that best suits the complexion of each person in the core of the mattress, being able to choose between a firm support or a medium support. As you can choose the type of support a total independence of beds is guaranteed, since you do not notice the movements of your partner when sleeping.

  • Cover

    The Dry Cool outer fabric that covers the mattress is an anti-humidity technical fabric and thanks to its quick drying system it prevents the appearance of mold, thus maintaining proper mattress hygiene.

  • Caras de descanso

    It is a single-sided sleep mattress. It is not reversible.

  • Dry & Cool

    The Dry Cool fabric that covers the mattress is the first technical anti-humidity fabric developed to keep the mattress in optimal hygienic conditions.

  • Dual Balance

    This mattress offers the option of choosing two possible supports on the same mattress: Medium and Firm. In the Dual system, a different firmness can be selected on each side of the mattress to achieve a totally personalized option for each sleeper within the same mattress.

  • Total Airfeel

    Technology that incorporates padding to dissipate the heat generated by the body thanks to its excellent ventilation system.

  • ClimaSense Air

    This technology stands out for offering great ventilation as it helps to disperse heat, and also for its soft and cozy firmness that offers the sleeper maximum comfort.

  • Height

    This mattress height is 30cm

  • 3-Year Warranty

    This product has been manufactured to exceed the highest quality standards. In order you can complete your purchase totally confident, the manufacturer's warranty covers potential manufacturing defects during the three years following the reception of the product. See +

  • Satisfaction guarantee

    In we are so sure to have the mattress that best suits your needs that we're willing to let you try it for a full 30 nights. If, after this period you find it unsuitable, you can change to an alternative model thanks to our satisfaction guarantee. See +