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Our most breathable high-end mattress

The Juliette mattress is one of those high-end pocket spring mattresses that you will fall in love with. With its high-quality materials and finishes, we are sure that you will find a pleasant and fresh rest, and the softness of its fabrics and padding layers will envelop you throughout the night.

Main benefits
  • Pocket spring mattress

    The core of the Juliette mattress is made up of a block of pocket springs that give you a 100% rest adapted to your contour. It adjusts point by point to the pressure zones, shoulders and hips, to ensure an ergonomic position during your rest, and allows you to keep your spine perfectly aligned.

  • Transpirability

    Thanks to its ventilation system, specially designed by the Epeda brand to regenerate the air inside the mattress, this model guarantees you a truly "good night"; fresh and breathable.

  • Motion Isolation

    The isolated springs in small independent bags respond individually to your changes in position during rest, preventing your partner's movements from being transmitted to your side of the bed and not interrupting your sleep. And vice versa.

  • Caras de descanso

    The Juliette mattress offers a single side of comfort for rest, so it is not necessary to turn it over. We recommend turning it from head to toe every 6 months to keep it in optimal condition. For this, it has four embroidered handles.

  • Special Design

    This mattress is specially designed to guarantee your best rest. Its careful details, the best materials and its elegant cover offer you an elastic sensation and incredible softness.

  • Hypoalergenic

    The Juliette mattress, like all Bed's exclusive models, offers you an optimal rest, hygienic and free of mites, bacteria and fungi.

  • Stability

    This model includes a layer specially designed to reinforce stability during your nights, achieving more comfort and durability for your rest.

  • Firmness

    The Juliette mattress stands out for its adaptability and medium firmness.

  • Plus Progresssion

    Combination of a layer of HR Supersoft for a very pleasant rest and two layers of polyester fiber that facilitate air circulation and offer softness.

  • Multi Air

    System of ventilation channels between the pocket springs that constantly regenerates the air in its core, always keeping it in good condition.