SG26R Fixed Slatted Base

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Our most adaptable multi-slat bed frame.

Sometimes it is not necessary to change all your rest equipment, sometimes it is enough to get the base that best suits your needs. Perhaps you need a mattress with high ventilation capacity and breathability, ideal for hot people and humid bedrooms. Its multilayered wood, the design of its frame and the 7 different areas of its bed favor stability, safety and guarantee a comfortable and personalized rest. And do you sleep as a couple? then you may be interested to know that in double size this model guarantees the total independence of beds, that is, movements are not transmitted from one side of the base to the other. In short, this slatted bed base will provide your rest with everything you are looking for. Don't forget to select the 4 StonePik legs to complete your bed base.

Main benefits
  • Optimum Comfort

    The wooden slats of this folding table are designed to adapt to the shape of your body thanks to its seven different rest areas that give you different firmness, depending on the part of the body that comes into contact with them. In addition, the non-slip and tilting rubber supports help distribute the pressure evenly throughout the base.

  • Flexibility

    The multislats of the SG26R bed base are characterized by being grouped two by two to eliminate the pressure that your body exerts on the mattress and therefore that falls on the base. They absorb all the pressure and offer a flexible and soft rest.

  • Resistance

    On the one hand, the central part of this bed frame is reinforced and the lumbar area consists of firmness regulators. On the other hand, its central crossbar provides perfect stability. This makes the materials much more resistant to use and extends the useful life of your rest equipment.

  • Ventilation

    Did you know that when you sleep your body releases heat? If you don't choose breathable sleep gear, that heat can get trapped inside. Given the distance between slats, the bed bases are mainly characterized by their optimal ventilation and moisture dispersion capacity. Get this model and enjoy a hygienic and fresh rest for many more years.

  • Siltent Sleep

    This bed base guarantees you a noise-free rest, so you can sleep soundly all night, since its slats are joined by pieces designed not to generate friction but to tilt gently.

  • Bedframe

    40 x 25 mm rectangular steel tube. in gray, with rounded corners, and with a central reinforcing crossbar in double measures, to avoid the transmission of movements between its two independent rest areas. It also incorporates non-slip rubber mounts and active suspension swingarms on the frame and central bar that help distribute the pressure generated more efficiently.

  • Bed

    This bed base is made up of 16 wooden slats that absorb the pressure exerted. Attention: If you choose a 160 or 180 cm bed base, two 80 cm bed bases will arrive at your home. or 90 cm. respectively, which are joined by legs

  • Dimensions

    The height of this bed base without legs is 4 cm. And the total height with legs is 29 cm. (+/-2cm).

  • If you choose this bed base in a width measurement greater than 150 cm with legs, you will receive the twin legs that work as a union of both beds.

  • 3-Year Warranty

    This product has been manufactured to exceed the highest quality standards. In order you can complete your purchase totally confident, the manufacturer's warranty covers potential manufacturing defects during the three years following the reception of the product. See +