Set Legs for Upper Trundle Bed Slatted Base Pikolin

Reinforcement Legs Kit
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Reinforced Upper Leg Kit for Trundle Bed Base

This set of legs for bottom beds is a great pick to create a pull-out trundle and have two beds for a young adult's room or a guest room, taking total advantage of the available space. The set of legs for bottom beds is very versatile and can be used with any fixed slatted, spinal protection or multi slatted bed bases by Pikolin.

Main benefits
  • Resistance

    The kit can be selected with a standard option, to support medium weights and reinforced for higher weights. The standard option has a single measure, while in the reinforced one, as it has an arm that extends through the frame of the bed base, the appropriate measure must be selected for each case.

  • The upper leg kit can be used to form a trundle bed in bed base sizes of 80, 90 and 105 cm. at most. Maximum height available for the lower mattress: 23 cm.

  • Colours

    Available colour: metallic grey.

  • Trundle bed

    To complete a Trundle Bed for slatted base it is necessary: 1. An Upper Leg Kit for standard or reinforced bed frame, which transforms any bed frame into the upper part of a trundle bed 2. A Lower Leg Kit which transforms any bed base into the bottom of a trundle bed. 3. Two slatted bed bases in measures of 80, 90 or 105 cm. wide.