Legs Set for Tempur Plates Base (4 pc)

Legs Set for Tempur Plates Base (4 pc)

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Legs Set for Tempur Plates Base (4 pc) the most desired

Legs set for Plates bed base (4 pc)

Set consisting of 4 units of legs for the Tempur Plates bed base.

  • Resistance

    These legs offer a perfect support for your Tempur Plates bed base

  • Support

    Each base is prepared to include four legs.

  • Bedframe

    Legs recommended for: 1. Articulated bed base with 2 motors (ref. SOMARTICPLATOS). 2.Articulated base plate with 4 motors (ref. SOMARTICPLATOSM). 3.Fixed mattress with static plates (ref. SOMFIJOPLATOS).

  • Units

    Legs set composed by four units

  • Colours

    Legs are brown

  • Financing

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