Thermoregulating mattress topper-cover

Thermoregulating mattress topper-cover


What is thermoregulation?

It maintains a constant temperature and minimises the sensation of cold or heat during rest.

Thermoregulating mattress topper-cover the most desired

Discover the mattress topper cover that regulates temperature

This Velfont thermoregulating mattress topper combines 100% cotton padding and fabric, with the most advanced technology developed by NASA. It helps to always maintain an optimal temperature while you sleep, neither high nor low, keeping your rest in the ideal comfort zone.

Total height: 32 cm
Fabric: 100% cotton
Thermoregulator: Yes
  • Cotton 100%

    The fabric of this topper-cover is 100% Outlast thermo-regulating cotton, a very soft and resistant fabric.

  • Thermoregulator

    Outlast fabric reacts to body temperature providing an individualized thermal comfort zone for each user. In this way it offers you a perfect environment avoiding sudden changes in temperature and humidity.

  • Transpirability

    It achieves the best moisture regulation thanks to its high quality materials and high breathability.

  • Adaptability

    This mattress protector is adjusted with rubber around the entire perimeter of the baseband for perfect support during the night, avoiding unwanted movements.

  • Tecnología Outlast

    Outlast fabric is a technology developed by NASA to cushion changes in temperature and humidity in the body.

  • Dimensions

    This mattress topper is suitable for mattresses up to 200 cm long.

  • Maximum wash temperature

    This mattress topper can be machine washed at a maximum of 40º.

  • Low Dry

    We recommend hanging it outdoors, but if you use a dryer, always do it on a low temperature cycle.

  • Do not bleach

    To maintain softness and breathability, we advise you not to apply any treatment or wash with bleach or whiteners.

  • Do not iron

    Can not be ironed.

  • Financing

    At Bed's we give you all the facilities so that you don't have to worry about anything. Do you want to pay your order in easy installments and with total security? Choose our 100% online financing.

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