Traviata Mattress

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The Traviata Mattress combines an innerspring system, Normablock, that provides firm support, along with a Progression Fiber layer that has a primary function forming a cradle for the sleeper.


The unique design of the NormaBlock support innerspring system has lumbar support enhancement to keep your body aligned while sleeping, giving exactly the proper support to every part of your body.


The Progression Fiber quilting layer is a blend of Supersoft, an ultra-soft cellular material, and a fibre layer to provide a natural cradle feeling


It is the perfect shock absorber reinforced and made of high-density polyether. It provides better consistency that your body will thank you for.

Protector / Cover

Cover made of Stretch fabric that provides elasticity and breathability.

Four handles stitched onto the border help to move the mattress with ease.


This is a flippable mattress with two different comfort levels:

  1. SIDE COMFORT: Rounded contouring around the body for those who look for a natural cradle feeling.
  2. SIDE FRESH: Soft comfort and refreshing sleeping surface for those who tend to sleep hot.

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Hybrid System

The hybrid core design is a combination of Normablock technology, the world's most advanced continuous coil system, and multiple comfort layers made from different materials.

Hybrid System provides increased comfort: Normablock offers firm support and better temperature regulation while the comfort layers, specifically designed to improve your sleep, provide contouring and cradle feeling.

Suitable for those couples of different weights who share a bed, since it tailors its support for the different areas of the body. The premium materials that comprise your mattress increase its durability and ultimately lengthen its lifespan.

The Normablock continuous coil system and the breathable materials used create air channels that promote airflow in, around and throughout the mattress for unsurpassed breathability.

Progression fiber

Progression Fiber combines two layers: the first of Supersoft material, soft and temperature-regulating, and the second of polyester fibre for a cool, cradling and a gentle balance of support and soft comfort.

Triple Barrier

Technology developed by Pikolin to ensure maximum hygiene and protection against the three main sources of debris (dust mites, bacteria and fungi), preventing allergic reactions and eliminating unwanted smells.                                                                                              It is a permanent treatment that will not wear out, because the active ingredient has been infused with the foam during the manufacturing process, and therefore, remains inside the polyhedral cells of the components.

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