Tencel 2-in-1 Fitted Sheet and Protector

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The Tencel 2-in-1 Fitted Sheet and Protector provides unique breathability and moisture absorption, with a soft sleeping surface that bears a resemblance to silk. Premium fabric that represents the revolutionary advances in sustainable and environmentally-friendly textiles, using an elegant colour palette with eco-design and providing complete, natural protection against micro-organisms.


This fitted sheet is made of 100% Lyocell Tencel knit fabric.                                                                                                Bottom coated with PU, waterproof and breathable.      Adjustable skirt: 100% polyester knitted.


This fitted sheet is machine washable.


It provides highly breathable and waterproof performance.                                                                                  It absorbs excess moisture and is super soft.


Available in a variety of sizes or colours.

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Tencel fibre is a natural and sustainable material, made from wood cellulose or pulp gotten from trees like Eucalyptus, which behaves like a second-skin. It absorbs the moisture generated from the temperature fluctuations within the bed and traps it in before it reaches the skin, to release moisture back into the environment. This fabric is specially recommended for people with heavy sweating.

Maximum Wash Temperature

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Hot iron

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