Talos Plus Ekon Sleep System

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This Talos Plus Ekon Sleep System consists of one Ekon Mattress on a Talos Plus Base.


The Talos Basic Bed Base is a sturdy, strong structure, made with steel tubes 1.5-2 mm thick and ultimate strength bed slats made from birch wood with steam treatment and finished with polymeric materials.


The shoulder region features firmness adjusters for a better conformability, so that this slatted base can be adjusted to suit each sleeper's comfort requirements.

Optimum comfort

Advanced smooth silent operation. Wired or wireless remote control (whatever you prefer) allows the user to effortlessly adjust the bed.

Silent sleep

Adjustable mechanism ensures quiet, smooth, noise-free operation.



The core is made of DESYFRESH, a flexible and durable foam. Its unique open-cell foam formulation with channels and contours that act as mattress air vents, allow for ventilation and air flow throughout the internal pockets and the core.                                                                                                This mattress is topped with a layer of VISCOSENSE, a temperature-sensitive high-density foam, that allows the Ekon mattress to provide a firm, yet contouring support.

Protector / Cover

The outer cover is made of 100% polyester fabric, quilted with hollow fibre, 250 g.                                               Zipper closure on all 4 sides of the mattress.


This mattress provides MEDIUM-FIRM support that helps maintain the natural curve of the spine during sleep.                                                                                                  Recommended to be paired with adjustable beds.

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Bed Frame

Sturdy, strong structure, made with steel tubes 1.5-2 mm thick, coated with dark grey textured epoxy paint.   The bed base includes a bottom retainer to ensure the mattress does not slip nor skid from the base.


Bed slats made from birch wood with steam treatment, arranged in groups of two, with flexible slat pockets manufactured from SBS thermoplastic rubber material, and a metal 5-lever action system.                                          The shoulder region features firmness adjusters for a better conformability to the different body zones.                                                                                                  Lumbar region reinforced with double slats and firmness adjusters.

Operating system

Small, whisper-quiet, electric dual motor for advanced smooth silent operation. Has an emergency option that allows you to move the base to the flat position in case of a power outage and wired or wireless remote control (optional).


Legs not included.                                                                        We recommend the Talos legs (ref. PH80635) 26 cm tall.



Viscosense is a temperature-sensitive high-density material, incorporated into the top layers, that adjusts to body pressure and temperature and allows the mattress to conform to the body shape and reduce pressure points in your body, giving a sense of weightlessness.


Strong yet flexible material with open-cell structure (tiny alveolus-shaped cells which are not completely closed) that provides medium-firm support to keep the curve of the spine in a natural position while you sleep.


The Sanitized hygiene function protects from bacteria, mould and dust mites. Extending the overall health and lifespan of the mattress.