Optima Square Pillow Insert

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The Optima Square Pillow Insert is filled with 80% European down and 20% feather. It provides firm support and has the ability to bounce back quickly. This square pillow insert is perfect to decorate your bedroom, sofa, and more, creating a cosy and comfortable atmosphere.


This square pillow insert provides FIRM support.


This square pillow insert is filled with 80% goose down and 20% feather.


Square pillow inserts filled with down and feather are designed to provide adjustability, keeping their shape over time and maintaining their properties after years of wear and tear.

Protector / Cover

The cover is made of 100% cotton Twill Down-Proof fabric, finished with reinforced double stitching and white satin piping cord.

Not washable with water

Washing this square pillow insert is not advisable, this may cause the pillow’s fill material to break down. You really only need to wash it if it appears too dirty.             Fluffing the insert and airing it out regularly is enough to preserve it in perfect condition.

Specialized store

Do you need more information about this product? Visit your nearest bed’s and our rest specialist will be happy to advise you.


At bed’s we only offer you top brand rest products, guaranteeing the quality of the materials used and the final product.

Protector / Cover

Always use a pillow cover. Preferably, a cotton one.        Fluff the insert regularly to plump the filling and break up any clumps.

Laundry Care

If it needs to be washed, we recommend professional dry-cleaning.                                                          To get rid of stains, you can hand wash it with a neutral soap.                                                                                                   Do not bleach, nor use detergent with bleaching agents.           

Down Proof

The Down Proof treatment seals the fabric but still allows for airflow through the pillow. It also ensures the filling, down or feather, will not leak through fabric.                                                                                                  The cooling effect and breathability of this pillow is due to a type of cotton, in which hundreds of cotton threads are interlaced.

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