Michigan Latex 15 Mattress

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This mattress has a latex core that perfectly moulds to your body contours. Specifically suited for adjustable beds.


The mattress is topped with a quilted layer made of Microclimate Fibre and Adaptech Foam Soft that maintains a constant temperature while you sleep. A central layer of latex 65 kg/m3 and Reticulated Foam 55 kg/m3. Lastly, another quilted layer featuring Microclimate Fibre and Adaptech Foam Soft.


How breathable a mattress is depends a lot on the composition of the coating. The Reticulated Foam is a memory foam, highly breathable, because it contains billions of balloon-like cells.

Protector / Cover

This mattress cover is made of Stretch fabric. Lined with a non-slip, breathable fabric. This protector is removable and machine washable.

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Microclimate Fibre

Fibre used in quilting layers to ensure a breathable mattress surface, this material can absorb the moisture generated from the temperature fluctuations within the bed to provide a quick-drying surface.

Adaptech Foam Soft

Adaptech Foam Soft is a foam used within the quilting layer to make the mattress feel more comfortable, and to add bulkiness to the cover.