Geros Ekon Sleep System

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The Geros Ekon sleep system consists of an Ekon mattress on an adjustable bed base with 4-fold mechanism, scissors lift and bed side safety rails.


Ultra-sturdy, ultra-durable and ultra-resistant are the adjectives for this bed base.


It features an ultra-stable X shape lifting frame that discourages wobbling at any height.

Optimum comfort

The wired remote control allows the sleeper to effortlessly raise and lower each section.                             It features dual wheel casters with single-side brakes. Easy swiveling and smooth rolling.                                          One remote control for head and foot articulation and height adjustment.


Folding side rails provide safety and protection to the user. They are made of 4 chromed steel tubes that cover the length of the bed and have an easy release and safety lock mechanism, to ensure a safe sleeping environment.                                                                                                                                It has a bottom retainer to keep the mattress in place.                                              It features dual wheel casters with single-side brakes.



The core is made of DESYFRESH, a flexible and durable foam. Its unique open-cell foam formulation with channels and contours that act as mattress air vents, allow for ventilation and air flow throughout the internal pockets and the core.                                                                                                This mattress is topped with a layer of VISCOSENSE, a temperature-sensitive high-density material, that allows the Ekon mattress to provide a firm, yet contouring support.

Protector / Cover

The outer cover is made of 100% polyester fabric, quilted with hollow fibre, 250 g.                                               Zipper closure on all 4 sides of the mattress.


This mattress provides MEDIUM-FIRM support to keep the natural position of the spine.                                            Recommended to be paired with adjustable beds.

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It features an ultra-stable X shape lifting frame made with steel tubes 1.5-2 mm thick that discourages wobbling at any height.  It is powered by a watertight motor that allows the user to raise and lower the bed deck.


The bed is divided into 4 comfort zones, constructed with birch wood slats finished in white ash, and rubber slat holders.                                                                                    It has folding side rails that provide safety and protection to the user.                                                                                                              The bed frame is constructed with a strong steel tube structure with reinforced anchors, coated with grey textured epoxy paint.


GEROS Sleep System heights:                                                    Minimum bed height: 36 cm.                                                      Maximum bed height: 77.5 cm.



This mattress is topped with Viscosense material, a temperature-sensitive high-density material that provides adjustability, pressure relief and a feeling of weightlessness, and adjusts to body pressure and temperature of the sleeper.


Desyfresh is a strong yet flexible material with open-cell structure (tiny alveolus-shaped cells which are not completely closed) that provides medium-firm support to maintain the natural curves of the spine when lying.


This mattress has been treated to prevent bacteria, dust mites, and mould growth, which can ultimately lengthen the mattress lifespan.