Futurlam Electric Bed Base Wood

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The Futurlam Electric Adjustable Bed Base by Pikolin features beautiful design and premium materials.


Designed for maximum adjustability to fit the unique contours of the sleeper's body, with multi-bonded wooden slats 5-lever action system.

Optimum comfort

Wired remote control allows the user to easily adjust the bed position, features independent and simultaneous head and foot incline.


Heavy-duty construction, thanks to the thickness and strength of the support structure and the reinforced metal frame, coated with epoxy paint.                                   Lumbar region reinforced with tension adjusters.

Silent sleep

Quiet, noise-free support, thanks to its powerful whisper quiet motor operation, with an option to move your base to the flat position, in case of a power outage. Adjustable beds have retainer bars to prevent the mattress from slipping or sliding: one bottom holder and two on each side of the bed.

Specialized store

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Bed frame

12 cm deep foundation made from cherry wood and rectangular portions at the corners. It includes a bottom retainer and two side retainers to hold the mattress in place and prevent vertical shifting while you adjust your position.


26 slats made from birch wood, arranged in groups of two, with SBS rubber holders. This type of slat holders provide more support surface for the mattress, tiltable in multiple directions.                                                                                                  26 slats (13x2) in a single bed.

In double beds, there are 52 slats distributed in 2 bed frames (13x2x2), minimising motion transfer between sleepers and creating 2 independent sleep areas.              In single beds, there are 4 double slats (2x2) with 8 tension adjusters in the lumbar region that can be adjusted to suit each sleeper's comfort requirements. In double beds, there are 8 double slats (2x2x2) with 16 tension adjusters in the lumbar region.      


Bed base height, excluding legs and motor, is 14.5 cm.          Bed base height, excluding legs and including motor, is 16.5cm.                                                                                                      Total height (feet included): 33,5 cm.

Operating system

5-lever action, with independent pillow tilt.                                 A wired remote control lets you operate the head and foot tilt, at the same time or separately.                                                 With an option to move your base to the flat position, in case of a power outage.

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