Fibre Duvet Filling. All Seasons. Two Duvets 150 + 300g/m2

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 DUO Duvet Fillings is advantageous to you as you can use the light duvet 150 g/m2 individually in summer, the medium duvet 300 g/m2 in spring and autumn, or the two layers together (450 g/m2), getting the best duvet filling for year-round comfort. Filled with hollow siliconised fibre and encased in a microfibre cover to provide you with the best comfort and best sleep experience possible.
  • The Viena Duo duvet filling is encased in a 100% polyester microfibre coveer. It comes with two different duvet inserts filled with 100% hollow siliconised fibre, 150 g/m2 and 300 g/m2 respectively.
  • It feels wonderfully soft to touch, filled with Ecolofil fibre and hollow siliconised fibre with a fill weight of 400 g/m2, developed exclusively by Pikolin Home, that provides ultra-light feather-like feel. This fibre is lightweight and easy care. It provides ultra-light feather-like feel and has the ability to bounce back to its original shape, for superior comfort during sleep, with no weight bearing down on your body.
  • Fibre maintains a comfortable sleeping temperature throughout the night, creating a uniform microclimate, thanks to its fill weight of 125/300 g/m2. Like this, this filling can be used to sleep comfortably almost the entire year, both on cold and milder nights.
  • This product attains Oeko-Tex Standard 100 certification, that ensures it has been certified to be free of harmful chemicals and safe for human health.

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Cover: plush-like 100% polyester microfibre.                    Filling: hollow siliconised fibre, down-like touch, 100% polyester.                                                                                        Constructed using quilted horizontal channels. Finished with piping cord.                                                                                                       With buttons to fix two duvets together.


Bed 90 cm / 150*220 cm                                                          Bed 105 cm / 180*220 cm                                                        Bed 135 cm / 220*220 cm                                                        Bed 150 cm / 240*220 cm                                                                                                        Bed 180 cm / 260*240 cm                                                                                                        Bed 200 cm / 280*240 cm 

Maximum Wash Temperature

Do not bleach

Do not iron

Dry clean

Low dry

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