Epeda Soul Dual Mattress

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The Soul Mattress features an attractive design and, thanks to the adequate support and soft supple welcome it offers, it provides progressive comfort for a delightful night's sleep.


Core of pocket springs, topped with a layer of cellular material called Sensapur. This material is designed to suit any body type, offering proper support.


The Epeda Soul Mattress is available in medium, firm and medium-firm support, because different body types need different levels of firmness for a healthy back posture. No matter your body type, find the support you need.


Custom support and different quilting layers to provide progressive comfort, the main feature of this mattress.                                                                                            This mattress is topped with a layer called Hypersoft Sense material, that provides a natural cradle feeling.                                                Bottom layers: Clima Sense Air which promotes ventilation and Gel Balance, a foam layer that creates a perfect balance between cradling and support.        To provide a natural cradle feeling and improve surface ventilation, there is 3D mesh fabric between the core and the quilting layers that creates gaps and allows air to flow.


The support layer of cellular material is constructed using the MultiAir system, a cross-cut foam for increased airflow throughout the mattress, to ensure hygiene.

Motion isolation

Motion isolation means motion transfer is minimised, allowing you to enjoy unparalleled comfort and minimal partner disturbance for a perfect night's sleep.

Protector / Cover

Dry Cool anti-moisture fabric is a fabric used to make up the mattress covering, to keep hygiene levels up.


One-sided mattress.                                                                     Not flippable.

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Article available in various sizes, choose the one that best suits you.

Multi Air

The Multi Air system utilizes communicating channels and holes throughout the foam structure. In this way, air can flow unobstructed throughout the mattress. Like this, it will keep your body temperature constant throughout the night providing you with a healthier sleeping environment.

Progressive Comfort System

With the Progressive Comfort System layers are placed from soft to firm to make you slowly sink into the mattress. It creates the perfect balance between cradling and support. It keeps your spine in its natural position and minimizes pressure on your body.

Dual Balance

Thanks to the SensaPur cellular material, you can combine two different support levels in one mattress: Medium and Firm.                                                                           With the Dual Balance system, you have two different support levels into one mattress and each side feels and performs differently to suit the needs of both sleepers.

Dry & Cool

Dry Cool is a fabric used in the outer cover of the mattress. The first fabric designed to prevent moisture from entering the body of the mattress, to maintain a super-hygienic bed.

Total Airfeel

Total Airfeel is a technology used in the quilting layers to dissipate the heat from your body, through its excellent ventilation system.

ClimaSense Air

Climasense Air is a technology specially designed to optimise ventilation. On the one hand, it regulates the temperature of the mattress and on the other, it provides a soft, cradling support for superior comfort.

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