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The EcoPIK Mattress is made from recycled and natural materials, thus reducing the environmental impact of the mattress manufacturing process.


The EcoPIK Mattress features Adapt-Tech technology. It is constructed with pocketed tempered 65% recycled steel coils, each individually wrapped in a strong fabric "pocket". Thus, it perfectly shapes itself to the sleeper's contours.                                                                                                                     The top and base layers, made of a premium recycled cellular foam, encase the pocket springs, to provide a supportive layer for the correct alignment of the spine.


This model intuitively adapts to the body's contours and provides superior comfort, thanks to the comfort layers.                                                                                                Top comfort layer made of recycled Eco Fiber: a natural cradle from a comfortable surface that provides gradual support to soothe and relax the muscles.                                                                                                The core is topped with a support layer made of high-density memory foam which uses natural ingredients (Bio Visco) and conforms to the unique shape of the sleeper's body.         


The EcoPIK Mattress is highly breathable and helps ensure maximum hygiene for your sleep area, thanks to its Eco Fiber layer.


This mattress provides MEDIUM-FIRM support.

Protector / Cover

The mattress ticking is made from Seaqual yarn, a premium polyester fibre created by upcycling deep sea plastic waste. By using it, we help preserve natural resources and keep the world's oceans cleaner.

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Adapt Tech

Adapt Tech is constructed with pocketed tempered steel coils, each individually wrapped in a strong fabric "pocket". The array of pocketed coils are sealed together in rows using ultrasonic welding to form the spring core, that contours precisely to the sleeper's body.


Seaqual yarn is a premium polyester fibre created by upcycling deep sea plastic waste. Using it helps keep the world's oceans cleaner.


Bio Visco is a high-density viscoelastic material made using natural ingredients. It gently cradles and conforms to your body, designed to help muscles relax.


Recycled fibre top designed to promote breathability and provide a soft touch feel.

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