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The DualPIK Mattress is designed to provide truly personalized support and comfort, so it is ideal for sleep partners who have different body types and look for different firmness levels.


The core of the mattress is formed by an Adapt-Tech pocket spring block, which adapts perfectly to the different morphology of each sleeper.


The DualPIK Mattress is available in different firmnesses: Medium, Firm and combined Medium-Firm. It can be personalized according to the sleeper's needs and preferences, by choosing between the three firmness levels. For you to find the support you need, no matter your body type and preferences.


Excellent breathability, thanks to the layer made of polyether fibre with temperature-regulating technology.


This mattress provides maximum adjustability thanks to its three levels of quilting:                                                    1. Two super-soft foam layers.                                                2. One layer made of polyether fibre with temperature-regulating technology to increase airflow through the mattress.                                                                                                                               3. A viscoelastic layer with Ingravity technology, for a flexible and enveloping comfort in the surface, that soothes and relaxes the muscles providing a wonderful sensation of weightlessness.

Motion isolation

With the Dual Balance system, developed by Pikolin, you can choose different firmness levels (medium or firm) on each side of the mattress. Like this, each side feels and performs differently to suit the needs of both sleepers (according to the body type and sleeping preferences). It delivers above-average motion isolation and thus allows each side of the bed can be independently customised.

Protector / Cover

The top ticking is made of Stretch, a heavyweight fabric that provides a smooth finish, making the sleeper feel superior comfort.                                                   The bottom of the mattress is finished with viscose fabric.


This mattress is treated with a hygiene function to prevent dust mites, bacteria and fungi.

Specialized store

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Adapt Tech

Adapt Tech is constructed with pocketed tempered steel coils, each individually wrapped in a strong fabric "pocket". The array of pocketed coils are sealed together in rows using ultrasonic welding to form the spring core, that contours precisely to the sleeper's body.

Triple barrier

Technology developed by Pikolin to ensure maximum hygiene and protection against the three main sources of debris (dust mites, bacteria and fungi), preventing allergic reactions and eliminating unwanted smells.

It is a permanent treatment that will not wear out, because the active ingredient has been infused with the foam during the manufacturing process, and therefore, remains inside the polyhedral cells of the components.


Ingravity Visco is a viscoelastic layer that offers a flexible and enveloping comfort in the surface and provides a wonderful sensation of weightlessness.

Progression fiber

Progression Fiber combines two layers: the first of Supersoft material, soft and temperature-regulating, and the second of polyester fibre for a cool, cradling and a gentle balance of support and soft comfort.

Dual Balance

Thanks to the SensaPur cellular material, you can combine two different support levels in one mattress: Medium and Firm.                                                                           With the Dual Balance system, you have two different support levels into one mattress and each side feels and performs differently to suit the needs of both sleepers.

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