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Chopin Mattress
The Chopin Mattress, by Pikolin, features continuous coils to form a zoned support system that adds some extra firm support without giving up maximum comfort.
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iSeries Oregon Electric Sleep System
This sleep system consists of one Oregon mattress that perfectly matches the curves of the Oregon heavy-duty bed base from the same collection.
See iSeries Oregon
Desigual Essential Button Cushion
Decorative cushion with a central button accent, part of the Essential Collection designed and made by Spanish Fashion brand Desigual, to add a personal touch to any space with cheerful décor.
See Desigual Essential
Desigual Sauvage Line Cushion
Nature-inspired cushion, part of the Sauvage Collection by Spanish Fashion brand Desigual. The brightly coloured tropical floral print stands out on the green stripes background. Perfect to give your home a natural and wild touch.
See Desigual Sauvage
Desigual Sauvage Cushion
Decorative cushion from the Sauvage Collection by Spanish Fashion brand Desigual with a colourful, wild and exotic floral print. Perfect to style a cosy reading corner.
See Desigual Sauvage
Desigual Heart Cushion
Heart-shaped cushion by Spanish Fashion brand Desigual in red and green with an inspirational quote. The perfect gift for your lover, friends, or loved ones.
See Desigual Heart
Desigual Special Day Cushion
Heart-shaped decorative cushion by Spanish Fashion brand Desigual in red, blue, and green tones, with a very special message. The perfect gift for lovers.
See Desigual Special
Desigual Exotic Stripes Cushion
The Desigual Exotic Stripes cushion will hive a fresh, modern look to your favourite corner or to your relaxing oasis.
See Desigual Exotic
Desigual Exotic Jeans Cushion
The Desigual Exotic Jeans denim cushion has a floral and geometric collage print. Perfect to add a playful and young touch to your décor.
See Desigual Exotic