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Bach Mattress
The Pikolin Bach Mattress delivers both personalised support and superior comfort, thanks to Inside by Bultex technology.
See Bach Mattress
Ravel Mattress
The Pikolin Ravel Mattress features a core of pocket springs with different comfort zones, to provide a personalised sleep experience and maximum comfort.
See Ravel Mattress
Verdi Mattress
The Verdi Mattress by Pikolin moulds to the body's shape evenly, thanks to its high-resiliency foam support layer that provides stability and firmness.
See Verdi Mattress
Schubert Mattress
The Pikolin Schubert Mattress features a continuous-coil innerspring system with different comfort zones to provide: firmness, personalised sleep experience and super-soft feel.
See Schubert Mattress
Strauss Mattress
The Pikolin Strauss Mattress is a pocket spring mattress that features the most advanced support system, creating maximum flexibility and superior contour.
See Strauss Mattress
Rossini Mattress
The Pikolin Rossini Mattress delivers firm support and a personalised sleep experience without giving up comfort.
See Rossini Mattress
Mizmar Pillow
The Mizmar Pillow with cooling gel beads that regulate and absorb the body heat is highly breathable and gives a pleasant feeling of freshness.
See Mizmar Pillow
Quena Pillow
The Quena Pillow is ideal for side sleepers. Filled with a washable viscoelastic core and encased in a two-sided double cover.
See Quena Pillow
Ney Pillow
The Ney Pillow provides superior breathability and has two-sided outer cover. Ideal for people looking for a pillow with an extra-firm support level.
See Ney Pillow