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bed’s with you against COVID-19

Faced with the events that have occurred and as an act of responsibility, Bed’s stores collaborate with the public bodies with the closure of their establishments until further notice, for the safety of our collaborators and customers.

Our website will continue to offer the best rest products and its usual service channel on the phone (+34) 900 101 415 and writing to us by e-mail at

As a result of the cessation of activity of our logistics operator, in compliance with the measures contained in Royal Decree 463/2020, of March 14, declaring the state of alarm for the management of the health crisis situation caused by On COVID-19, deliveries will be made after the end of the quarantine period determined by government authorities.

We answer your questions

  • Can I buy the products that appear on this website? During this period the website will continue to be operational so that you can make your purchases normally and make the queries you need through our advice and telephone service channel at 900 101 415 or through our contact form.

  • When will the delivery be made? The delivery of your order will be prepared and carried out once the quarantine period established by the government authorities has ended.

  • For what reasons cannot delivery be made with the usual deadlines? The conditions of our delivery service, which involves more than one transport and assembly technician and requires entry into the user's home, do not allow it to be carried out under the restrictions imposed by Royal Decree 463/2020 and during the quarantine period. For this reason, the cessation of activity of our logistics operator has been decreed, to guarantee compliance with the established measures and the safety of our human team and all of our clients, until the situation is restored.

  • Why do other online retail stores sell this type of product meeting their usual delivery times? There are other businesses in the sector that market products of some qualities and characteristics which allow the product to be transported rolled and packaged. At Bed’s Stores, as a benchmark chain of the rest sector that prioritizes the quality of its products and the well-being of the sleeper, we only sell products from leading brands of national and European manufacture. We do not include rest equipment that can be marketed in rolled or packaged format from other types of materials in our selection of products, as we do not consider that they meet the qualities required for a complete and healthy rest.
    This means that our products require home delivery with more than one delivery and assembly technician, who move together to move the load and be able to assemble the equipment. This implies that more than one worker moves with the orders for each delivery, which is not allowed in the current situation, as the competent authorities have informed us.
    Likewise, due to the dimensions and assembly requirements of a complete rest team, our transport service includes delivery and assembly within the users' homes, not as in the case of other businesses whose delivery is carried out on the door or without boarding. at home. Due to the characteristics of our home delivery and assembly service, therefore, it cannot be completed according to the measures established in the current confinement situation established by the state of alert.

  • I made a purchase in bed´s store (physical or online), when will I receive my product? In all orders placed both in our physical stores and in our online store until the closing was decreed, but whose delivery planning was scheduled for the current quarantine period, they are deferred until the measures decreed by the current state of alert are completed. . We will notify users individually of the new delivery period in which they will receive their orders when delivery planning is reactivated and the activity of our logistics operator resumes. This will be from the moment the government authorities allow it and the normal situation is restored.

  • I want to return an item, how can I manage it?For the items delivered prior to the application of the restrictions established by Royal Decree 463/2020, our usual after-sales conditions apply.
    Both the period of application of the right of withdrawal for online purchases and our 30-night satisfaction guarantee period as well as the manufacturing guarantee of our products will count from the date of delivery of the product, so the term established in each case will be determined from the effective delivery of the same within the period that we will communicate as soon as the activity of our logistics operator resumes.
    For orders placed during the current quarantine status, order cancellations can be made at no cost by communicating the wish to cancel the order through our usual communication channels, by telephone at (+34) 900 101 415 or by writing to us by e-mail at

  • How long will physical stores be closed? Our stores will be closed temporarily, until the authorities allow them to reopen.