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The Vivaldi Mattress integrates cutting-edge sleep technology, NormaSense Support by Pikolin, a continuous coil innerspring system combined with built-in ergonomic zones, to provide accurate support for personalised sleep comfort.   Besides, the quilting layers are made of ultra-soft material and viscoleastic memory foam to provide a progressive cradle feeling.                                                                                                                                                                                  This mattress features an intelligent device called Smart Ready that along with the Smart Pik bracelet, they both work to measure several aspects of your sleep, such as the temperature in your bedroom or the different stages of your sleep, so you can make adjustments to improve your slumber.


The Normasense Support system features continuous wire coil with different ergonomic zones, good for reducing pressure on the hips while keeping the spine in alignment.


The Progression Visco quilting is made of a blend of Supersoft, an ultra-soft cellular material, and ViscoFoam, a viscoelastic material with memory effect that offers progressive comfort without adding heat.


It is the perfect shock absorber reinforced and made of high-density polyether. It provides better consistency that your body will thank you for.                                            The perimeter of de mattress has reinforced edges to enhance stability and durability and prevent sagging and loss of shape.

Protector / Cover

Fabrics made of Viscose have a silky texture and silk-like sheen.                                                                                        Four handles stitched onto the border help to move the mattress with ease.


Two-sided mattress with a mirrored construction, both sides are identical, with the same materials and densities. So it is recommended to flip it every few months, to enhance its performance.

Normasense support

Exclusive to bed's, this award-winning technology is the ultimate innovation in sleep technology. Normasense Support is a continuous wire coil system, with different ergonomic zones and cellular cushioning material, which follows the natural curves of your body to give you accurate support and custom comfort.

Triple barrier

Technology developed by Pikolin to ensure maximum hygiene and protection against the three main sources of debris (dust mites, bacteria and fungi), preventing allergic reactions and eliminating unwanted smells.                                                                                              It is a permanent treatment that will not wear out, because the active ingredient has been infused with the foam during the manufacturing process, and therefore, remains inside the polyhedral cells of the components.

Smart Pik

The mattress uses the Smart Ready smart device to help you improve your sleeping habits and live a healthier balanced lifestyle. To make the most out of your mattress, the SmartPik bracelet is a must-have. You can buy it on Pikolin's website by clicking aquí.

Progression Visco

Progression Visco is the combination of two high-tech materials, used in the quilting layers:                                     Supersoft: High-density cellular material that provides soft support and moulds to fit the shape of the body, providing full body support without adding heat, and adapting to the body's natural movement during sleep.                                                                             ViscoFoam: High-density viscoelastic foam with memory effect, that reacts to the sleeper's weight and temperature, so that it moulds to your exact body shape.

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