SG26R Fixed Slatted Base

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The new SM26R Bed Base is engineered to suit all your sleep needs, thanks to its zoned firmness areas.


Active elasticity and immediate response to body movements.


Added stability: it features a centre support bar in double bed size that offers additional resistance and personalised comfort, minimising motion transfer between sleepers and creating 2 independent sleep areas.


Maximum heat dissipation due to the uniform spacing between slats that ensure good ventilation of the sleep system.

Silent sleep

The bed frame ensures quiet, noise-free support, thanks to its rubber bed slat holders.

Bed frame

Square steel tube 40*25 mm. with rounded corners. Coated with grey epoxy paint for additional protection against corrosion. Steel tube reinforced to provide consistent and solid support.                                                     Anti-slip tilting suspension rubber slat holders for the support rails and the centre support bar, to distribute the sleeper's weight evenly over the support surface.


Legs not included.                                                                         4-leg bed base. We recommend to use StonePik fixed cylindrical legs.                                                                               It is possible to build a trundle bed combining two bed bases and using the set of legs standard or reinforced, for top and bottom pull-out bed bases.


26 wooden slats 38mm, arranged in groups of two (13 x 2) to absorb the stress and weight on your bed and lengthen the lifespan of the mattress.                                   7 comfort zones, differentiated and symmetrically distributed, with different firmness levels to adjust and support the different parts of the body.                                                                                                                         The lumbar region is reinforced with 6 (3x2 in single beds) and 12 (6x2 in double beds) double slats with tension adjusters that can be adjusted to suit each sleeper's comfort requirements.    


Bed base height (excluding legs): 4 cm. Total height (StonePik feet included): 30cm.

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