Set StonePik Cylindrical Legs for Pikolin Fixed Base or Divanlin (2 pc)

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The Stonepik fixed legs by Pikolin can be used with all Pikolin fixed slatted bases and Divanlin upholstered bases.


Available sizes: 14, 26 and 35 cm deep.


Legs - set of 2.


Available colour options: cherry wood and dark grey.

Recommended bed bases

Legs recommended for the following fixed slatted bed bases:                                                                                                1. SM70, SM26R, SG20R, SG20, SG16.                                      2. Divanlin Faux Leather 3D Upholstered Base and for Divanlin Upholstered Base.                           

Legs suitable for bed base

Fixed bases are prepared to have two sets of legs, four legs in total.

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