Rigoletto Mattress

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Due to the special features of this model, we believe that the most appropriate thing for you is that you lie down on it to appreciate its nuances and confirm that it adapts perfectly to you.

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The Rigoletto Mattress gives you a soft embrace, significantly reducing peak body pressure. Treated with a hygiene function to provide maximum protection against dust mites and bacteria.


  • Its Confortcel core adapts to the impact of your body and re-forms around your curves to provide maximum comfort and stability in achieving a restful sleep.


  • It is topped with a Fiber Comfort layer, a blend of Supersoft HR Foam and natural fibres, to provide a natural cradle feeling and maintain the natural curve of the spine.


This product is treated with Triple Barrier finish to keep out dust mites, bacteria and fungi.

Protector / Cover

  • Made of Stretch fabric, good texture and weight, provides elasticity and breathability.


This is a flippable mattress with two different comfort levels:

  1. SIDE COMFORT: Rounded contouring around the body for those who look for a natural cradle feeling. 
  2. SIDE FRESH: Soft comfort and refreshing sleeping surface for those who tend to sleep hot.

genuino para el resto.

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Confortcel 5 Zone

A high resilience cellular foam material, a synthetic-based foam compound developed by Pikolin, a quality alternative for mattresses without springs.                        Maximum adjustability, high level of comfort, Confortcel is a welcoming mattress that follows the natural curves of your body to promote deep sleep.                                                                                                  It enhances:                                                                                                                                Ventilation: its porous foam provides a healthy sleeping environment to wake up renewed.                                                                                                                                Health: its adjustable support capabilities ensure healthy spinal alignment, to keep your bones and muscles strong.                                                                                Durability: its high resilience foam ensures optimal performance that will last throughout the life of the mattress.


ViscoFoam is a high-density memory foam, high-end material developed by Pikolin, exclusively manufactured in Europe and used in quilting and/or comfort layers. 

It conforms to the body's contours: it responds to the body's pressure and weight on the bed to deliver contouring support.

It is pressure relieving: it improves blood flow and circulation to provide a soft and pressure-relieving feel while you toss and turn in bed.

It increases comfort: creating a feeling of weightlessness and an ideal sleep environment to help you sink into the world of dreams in no time.

Triple Barrier

Technology developed by Pikolin to ensure maximum hygiene and protection against the three main sources of debris (dust mites, bacteria and fungi), preventing allergic reactions and eliminating unwanted smells.

It is a permanent treatment that will not wear out, because the active ingredient has been infused with the foam during the manufacturing process, and therefore, remains inside the polyhedral cells of the components.

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