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The Aledo Mattress combines a core 100% latex and layers quilted with fibre to make you experience high levels of comfort.


100 % latex core made of millions of rubber cells that respond to body pressure and spring back according to the amount of pressure exerted.                                            It has 7 individual body zones for your exact comfort preference.


This mattress provides MEDIUM support.


The Aledo mattress is a latex mattress that gives a consistent and uniform support, and the surface pressure on the body is reduced to a minimum, keeping the spine correctly aligned.


Ventilated mesh cover for maximum airflow, it acts like hundreds of little air pumps expelling hot and humid air and drawing in cool fresh air.

Motion isolation

A latex mattress offers outstanding pressure distribution for motion separation.

Protector / Cover

The cover is made of 90% polyester and 10% viscose fabric.                                                                                                 Quilted with polyester hollow fibre.                                     Zipper closure on all 4 sides of the mattress.

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Látex 100

Latex is a material extracted from Hevea rubber trees. After this natural raw material has been collected, it is subjected to a foaming and vulcanization process to cause the formation of latex foam. It provides medium support (with 7-Zone comfort zones), moulds to the body's contours and curves and matches the shape of the base.


The Sanitized hygiene function protects from bacteria, mould and dust mites. Extending the overall health and lifespan of the mattress.

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