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Fixed slatted bed bases

Fixed slatted bed bases
Fixed bed bases are reinforced bases designed to support any type of mattress. Made of slats attached separately in the frame, they provide optimal ventilation for your mattress, and hygiene and comfort for your sleep.
Michigan Fixed Slatted Base
Ultimate strength bed base, thanks to its wooden frame 12 cm thick and reinforced support structure made of iron.
See Michigan Fixed
SG20R Fixed Slatted Base
Antes: 182.00 €
35% 118.30 € 118.3 EUR
The SG20R Bed Base features adjustable slats in the lumbar region to ensure sound sleep with reinforced support.
See SG20R Fixed
SG16 Fixed Slatted Base
Antes: 120.00 €
35% 78.00 € 78.0 EUR
The SG16 Bed Base, from the Spinal Protection Collection by Pikolin, is designed to ensure you sleep soundly.
See SG16 Fixed
SG20 Fixed Slatted Base
Antes: 137.00 €
35% 89.05 € 89.05 EUR
The SG20 Bed Base, characterised by sturdiness of construction, supports the heaviest parts of your body to ensure sound sleep.
See SG20 Fixed
SG26R Fixed Slatted Base
Antes: 226.00 €
35% 146.90 € 146.9 EUR
The new SM26R Bed Base is engineered to suit all your sleep needs, thanks to its zoned firmness areas.
See SG26R Fixed
SM70 Fixed Slatted Base
Antes: 258.00 €
35% 167.70 € 167.7 EUR
With two independent comfort zones, the SM70 Bed Base by Pikolin ensures maximum adjustability.
See SM70 Fixed
Talos Fixed Base
Sturdy, solid, and versatile, the Talos Bed is an easy fixed-base solution to suit your needs and have a sound and restful sleep.
See Talos Fixed
Escandinavia Fixed Slatted Base
The Escandinavia Fixed Bed Base consists of flexible wooden slats that absorb and dampen movement across the mattress.
See Escandinavia Fixed
Static Plates Fixed Base
The Tempur Static Bed Base is constructed with a beechwood frame and slats with mounted tilting plates that move independently for maximum adjustability.
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