Tencel Mattress Protector Hyper-Breathable and Waterproof

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Tencel Mattress Protector Hyper-Breathable and Waterproof, essential for your bed

This type of fibre (TENCEL), extracted from natural wood cellulose, provides a soft night's sleep, cool as linen in summer and warm as wool in winter. It also ensures a comfortable and dry night's sleep, due to its highly absorbent, waterproofing and breathable properties.

Main benefits
  • Composition

    Fabric: 100 % lyocell (TENCEL). It complies with Oeko-Tex Standard 100 quality requirements, that ensures it has been certified to be free of harmful chemicals and safe for human health. Suitable for any type of mattress, including latex mattresses.

  • Transpirability

    Lined with a thin waterproof film to prevent fluids from leaking into the mattress. This fabric is fully breathable, thus decreases heat retention, absorbs excess moisture and releases it back into the bed, as needed.

  • Tencel

    Tencel fibre is a natural and sustainable material, made from wood cellulose or pulp gotten from trees like Eucalyptus, which behaves like a second-skin. It absorbs the moisture generated from the temperature fluctuations within the bed and traps it in before it reaches the skin, to release moisture back into the environment. This fabric is specially recommended for people with heavy sweating.

  • Maximum wash temperature

  • Not Dry

  • Low temperature iron

  • Do not bleach

  • Do not dry clean