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Our thinnest mattress. Perfect for your trundle bed

Are you looking for a thin mattress that offers you the most complete rest? The Puccini mattress, by Pikolin, is our technical foam mattress designed for trundle beds. It guarantees the support that your rest needs thanks to its medium-high firmness and total adaptability to your body with the best thermoregulation. We always recommend it for trundle beds in children's and youth bedrooms due to its height: 16 cm.

Main benefits
  • HR technical foam mattress

    The core of this mattress is made of high-density technical foam, a material that provides you with the perfect support for a quality rest.

  • Rolled up

    The Puccini Mat mattress will arrive at your home vacuum-rolled to preserve all its properties, keep it in the best hygiene conditions and take up less space. Unwrap it, leave it for a few hours to settle properly and start enjoying the best rest. As simple as that.

  • Softness

    The padding layers of this model are made of athermal fiber. On the one hand, they offer you a soft and pleasant rest and on the other, they provide you with optimal regulation of the heat that your body gives off while you sleep.

  • Cover

    The outer fabric of the Puccini Mat mattress provides elasticity, for a comfortable rest and guarantees the breathability of your rest equipment, very important to release the moisture that accumulates in the mattress during the night)

  • Caras de descanso

    This mattress offers you the same features on both sides it is reversible, and incorporates four handles to make it easier to change position. TIP: We recommend you rotate and flip it every 6 months.

  • Hypoalergenic

    This mattress like all our exclusive Pikolin models is developed to guarantee you the cleanest rest, free of mites, bacteria and fungi.

  • Firmness

    This mattress provides a medium-high firmness. The recommended support for children and youth rest.

  • Height

    This mattress is specially designed for children's rest. Use it comfortably in your trundle bed thanks to its reduced height: 16 cm.

  • Adaptcel Confort Plus

    High-resilience cellular foam material, developed exclusively for Bed's, which extends the useful life of the mattress due to its high firmness and comfort. It also contains the innovative Airflow system, which facilitates the thermoregulation of the mattress.

  • Triple Barrier

    Triple Barrier is a Pikolin technological application that blocks the three main sources of hygiene problems (mites, bacteria and fungi), thus avoiding allergic reactions and unwanted odours. Unlike hypoallergenic treatments, the active principle of this technology is mixed at the time of manufacturing the foams and therefore forms part of the polyhedral cellular structure of each of the components, achieving a permanent result.

  • 3-Year Warranty

    This product has been manufactured to exceed the highest quality standards. In order you can complete your purchase totally confident, the manufacturer's warranty covers potential manufacturing defects during the three years following the reception of the product. See +

  • Satisfaction guarantee

    In we are so sure to have the mattress that best suits your needs that we're willing to let you try it for a full 30 nights. If, after this period you find it unsuitable, you can change to an alternative model thanks to our satisfaction guarantee. See +