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Our Pikolin mattress with pocket springs at best price

Enjoy a quality rest thanks to the Bruckner mattress with pocket springs and medium firmness, from Pikolin. A breathable and adaptable mattress. We recommend it mainly for those warm people who are looking for a quality mattress at the best price, for young people in the growth stage, for the guest room or for second homes.

Main benefits
  • Transpirability

    Pocket springs stand out because they allow air to pass through and therefore are very breathable. The high ventilation capacity of your rest equipment will prevent moisture from accumulating inside it and you will enjoy a much more pleasant rest.

  • Pocket spring mattress

    The Bruckner mattress adapts perfectly to the contours of your body point by point and offers you ideal support with all the advantages of pocket springs: breathability, adaptability and total independence from beds. We tell you more about its benefits below, keep reading.

  • Caras de descanso

    This mattress offers you the same features on both sides, it is reversible, and it incorporates four embroidered horizontal handles to make it easier to change position. TIP: We recommend you rotate and flip it every 6 months.

  • Motion Isolation

    Another advantage of pocket springs is the independence of beds. As each spring is isolated from the rest in individual fabric bags, the vibration of the movements of one another is not transmitted. In this way, your partner won't notice your movements during the night and you won't notice theirs either...

  • Hypoalergenic

    The Bruckner mattress, like all Bed's exclusive models, offers you a hygienic rest thanks to its permanent protection against the proliferation of mites, bacteria and fungi.

  • Firmness

    This pocket spring mattress provides medium support and firmness.

  • Height

    The height of this mattress is 23 cm. Perfect for use as a top mattress on a trundle bed, for example.

  • Adapt Tech Zone Support®

    AdaptTech is a technology created by Pikolin for the development of its pocket spring mattresses: adaptable according to your weight and morphology.

  • Triple Barrier

    Triple Barrier is a Pikolin technological application that blocks the three main sources of hygiene problems (mites, bacteria and fungi), thus avoiding allergic reactions and unwanted odours. Unlike hypoallergenic treatments, the active principle of this technology is mixed at the time of manufacturing the foams and therefore forms part of the polyhedral cellular structure of each of the components, achieving a permanent result.

  • SoftCell

    Infused with super tiny beads, it offers greater air circulation, great heat dissipation and breathability during the night, which translates into more comfort and better hygiene maintenance.

  • 3-Year Warranty

    This product has been manufactured to exceed the highest quality standards. In order you can complete your purchase totally confident, the manufacturer's warranty covers potential manufacturing defects during the three years following the reception of the product. See +

  • Satisfaction guarantee

    In we are so sure to have the mattress that best suits your needs that we're willing to let you try it for a full 30 nights. If, after this period you find it unsuitable, you can change to an alternative model thanks to our satisfaction guarantee. See +

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