Reversible Fibre Duvet Bi-colour. Autumn/Winter 300g/m2

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Azul Rayas
Gris Bicolor
Gris Rayas
Marrón Bicolor
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Reversible Fibre Duvet Bi-colour. Autumn/Winter 300g/m2

A comfortable duvet with soft, silk-like feel and hollow siliconised fibre fillling for lightness. An excellent choice to keep you warm on the coldest nights of the autumn and winter. Designed with hypoallergenic composition, this bedding product provides a healthier night's sleep for all. It can be used with or without a duvet cover. Its bright colours can make a great background, matching any bedroom décor.

Main benefits
  • Softness

    It provides a soft feather-like touch. Its Ecolofil fibre and hollow siliconised fibre filling 300g/m2, developed exclusively by Pikolin Home, is ultra-light and has a feather-like touch. It has the ability to bounce back to its original shape and is easy to care for and maintain.

  • Temperature

    It creates a constant microclimate throughout the night. Perfect to sleep in moderate room temperatures for almost all year.

  • Dimensions

    Bed 90 cm / 150*220 cm Bed 105 cm / 180*220 cm Bed 105 cm / 180*260 cm Bed 135 cm / 220*220 cm Bed 150 cm / 240*220 cm Bed 180 cm / 260*240 cm

  • Fabric

    Outer fabric: Silk Touch microfibre, silk-like feel, 100% polyester. Filling: hollow siliconised fibre, Ecolofil feather-like touch, 100% polyester. Constructed using quilted horizontal channels, 20 cm wide.

  • Design

    Double-sided two-colour comforter that allows you to change up the whole look of the room depending on the day.

  • Washable

    Maximum Wash Temperature 30°

  • Do not bleach

  • Do not iron

  • Low Dry