Duvet fiber filling 400 gr with Aloe Vera

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Our duvet filling that protects the most against the cold

If you are looking for maximum protection against the cold, quality and the best price, choose the Adalada 400 gr Duvet winter filling. Perfect for places and bedrooms with cold temperatures. This duvet filling combines hollow silicone fiber with brushed microfiber fabric and Aloe Vera finish, to offer you breathability, softness and the best rest, especially designed for people with sensitive or atopic skin.

Main benefits
  • Composition

    This duvet filling is made of silicone hollow fiber, a special material that guarantees a soft and light touch, very similar to down.

  • Temperature

    The fiber that makes up this duvet filling creates a microclimate in your bed that allows you to maintain the ideal temperature at all times. Its weight of 400 gr. It will provide you with pleasant comfort during the coldest days of the year. We always recommend this padding to people who are more cold or those who live in areas where winter is harsher.

  • Extra Softness

    The outer fabric that makes up this model provides extra comfort and softness to your rest. Experience for yourself the silky touch that microfiber offers.

  • Aloe Vera

    Enjoy your bedding much more with this natural treatment. Aloe Vera has many benefits for your skin. Aloe Vera fibers offer skin protection, a very soft touch and antibacterial properties, ideal for people with hypersensitivity or skin conditions.

  • Characteristics

    Ecolofil is the technology included inside this 400 gr winter Duvet filling. It consists of hollow silicone fiber that is characterized by its soft touch similar to feather, with great recovery capacity and easy maintenance. In addition, it offers comfort and lightness, maintaining maximum protection against the cold. Forget the pressures of heavy mattress pads.

  • Silk

    Silktouch is the brushed microfiber fabric that provides this model with great comfort, softness and breathability for a good rest. The fabric is found in the outer cover of this duvet filling.

  • Dimensions

    This model is available in different sizes, both for single and double beds. Tip: Remember that your duvet filling should always be wider than your mattress, so that it protrudes between 30 and 40 cm from the sides.

  • Maximum wash temperature

    To maintain the optimal condition of your bedding, machine wash your spring duvet insert but remember to always do it on a low temperature cycle.

  • Low Dry

    We recommend hanging it outdoors, but if you prefer to use the dryer, choose a low temperature function.

  • Dry cleaning with perchloroethylene

    This duvet filling can also be dry cleaned.