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Draco Mattress

This mattress is suitable for people looking for firmness as well as adaptability. It helps to maintain a natural body position during rest

Main benefits
  • Core

    The mattress core is made with a double layer of the flexible and resistant DESYFRESH material, which due to its exclusive composition allows great ventilation both transversely through the aeration channels and through the block thanks to its microalveolated open pore structure.

  • Firmness

    This mattress provides medium-firm support and ensures your spine is in a natural and neutral position during sleep.

  • Adaptability

    This mattress is topped with a layer of VISCOSENSE, a temperature-sensitive high-density foam, that allows the Ekon mattress to provide a firm but adaptable support

  • Motion Isolation

    Due to its unique structure, Desyfresh limits the transfer of motion and disturbance from your sleeping partner.

  • Cover

    The outer cover is made of 100% polyester fabric, quilted with hollow fibre

  • Zip

    It incorporates a perimeter zipper to be able to remove the mattress cover

  • Desyfresh

    Desyfresh is a strong but flexible material with open-cell structure (tiny alveolus-shaped cells which are not completely closed) that provides medium-firm support to maintain the natural curves of the spine while resting

  • Visco Sense

    Viscosense is a temperature-sensitive high-density material, incorporated into the top layers, that adjusts to body pressure and temperature and allows the mattress to conform to the body shape and reduce pressure points in your body, giving a sense of weightlessness.

  • Sanitized

    Protection against bacteria, mould and dust mites. Extending the overall health and lifespan of the mattress.

  • Height

    The height of this mattress is 24 cm

  • 3-Year Warranty

    This product has been manufactured to exceed the highest quality standards. In order you can complete your purchase totally confident, the manufacturer's warranty covers potential manufacturing defects during the three years following the reception of the product. See +

  • Satisfaction guarantee

    In we are so sure to have the mattress that best suits your needs that we're willing to let you try it for a full 30 nights. If, after this period you find it unsuitable, you can change to an alternative model thanks to our satisfaction guarantee. See +